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Resilient Tiles


Pre-manufactured tiles are made from recycled rubber. They are durable and remarkable resilient. These resilient tiles have the longest life span in relation to any other surfacing. In addition, tiles are easily replaced. The underside of the tile is cone-shaped to facilitate proper drainage.

Buffing chips are made of premium quality shredded rubber so it won’t crack or break into pieces like typical crumb rubber tiles

Unique design provides better water drainage

EPDM top surface (optional) is UV protectant and will retain its color in addition to extending its longevity

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Size: 24” x 24” square
  • Non-Toxic and safe
  • Slip resistant smooth surface
  • Porous for drainage
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Many standard colors
  • Available in thicknesses from 2½” to 3¾”
  • Accessory pieces and ADA edges available
  • Meets 6’ to 8’ critical fall heights per ASTM F-1292-04
  • Installation option: Glue or pinned with pegs (additional cost)



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{tab=Rubber Tiles vs. Loose Fill  }

Rubber Tiles vs. Loose Fill (wood/rubber mulch or sand)

Loose fill disadvantages:

  • Sink holes are a continuous problem because mulch or sand shifts positions.
  • Proper fall height protection (6, 8, 10ft.) cannot be maintained with loose fill.
  • Sharp objects can be hidden in the loose particles.
  • Animal feces, mold, mildew and many other contaminants are an ongoing problem.
  • Rain and other weather conditions make the surface un-playable.
  • Clothes may get stained or torn.
  • The annual maintenance cost (i.e. drainage, raking, and refills) is very prohibitive.
  • ADA (wheelchair) accessibility is limited and most materials do not meet these standards.


Warning: Many surfaces such as asphalt, sand, metal, plastic or rubber surfacing will get hot from direct sunlight. It is strongly recommended to wear shoes when walking on rubber surfacing, regardless of specific type of surface.

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