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Bonded Rubber

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Bonded rubber flooring is made from shredded recycled rubber tire chips which is coated and mixed with polyurethane binding. It is virtually maintenance free as compared to loose fill which gets “dished out” from usage and requires ongoing raking and replenishing.

  • One layer poured and troweled on site to accommodate any configuration
  • Various thicknesses are available
  • Material is porous and typically used  outdoors
  • Available in 15 standard colors
  • Two year warrantee
  • Recommended base options: (in order of recommendation)
    • Concrete or
    • Asphalt or
    • Crushed stone

Color Options:


Warning: Many surfaces such as asphalt, sand, metal, plastic or rubber surfacing will get hot from direct sunlight. It is strongly recommended to wear shoes when walking on rubber surfacing, regardless of specific type of surface.

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